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Introducing Our New Package! New Look, Same Great Juice!

Posted by Sunsweet - Thursday, April 18, 2019

We’ve upgraded our package! We’ll be using the more eco-friendly Elopak cartons now for our sun-filled prune juice. But don’t worry – your favourite prune juice will taste just as good as ever! Watch out for the new cartons in your local supermarket. We considered lots of factors when we decided to make the change, but the most important one was that to ensure your juice remained exactly the same high quality you’ve come to know from Sunsweet!   

We all need to update our style every once in a while to suit the changing times. There’s been a lot of talk lately about eliminating plastic from the environment. Too much of it inadvertently ends up in our oceans. In fact, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic winds up in the world’s oceans each year and some researchers predict that unless something is done, there could be more plastic waste than fish (by weight) in the sea by 2050 . And considering the UK and Ireland boast over 20,000 km of coastline, we think it’s worth doing our part to keeping our shores clean.

These cartons use much less plastic and are created with sustainable wood fibre from FSC certified wood. And while the plastic bottles we used are recyclable we feel it’s about time for a makeover! We hope you love our new, eco-friendly package as much as we do.

Aside from the environmental benefits, this new packaging is good for you and your family too. The cartons have an easy open screw-top lid and the pack is easy to handle and pour. The square shape fits conveniently in your fridge door so you can continue to enjoy your prune juice chilled. And, of course, the new packaging keeps your favourite Sunsweet Prune Juice tasting just as scrumptious as ever. 

Prune juice tastes fantastic on its own, but if you’re looking for different ways to include it in your diet then why not try out one of our recipes? They can be a fun and creative way to help you and your family to get the health benefits of prune juice in exciting new ways. By combining prune juice with other fruits you’ll get more of your five-a-day in one delicious serving. Prunes and prune juice are a natural way to sweeten smoothies and these recipes might give you some inspiration to come up with your own combinations!

There are many reasons for including prune juice in your diet. The great, naturally sweet flavour, convenient refreshment, or the many nutritional benefits such as fibre, potassium and sorbitol. Now you can add helping the environment to the list. Whether you enjoy your prune juice in a smoothie, straight up, or on the rocks, you can be sure that the package it came in won’t end up, well, on the rocks. Sunsweet Prune Juice has no fat, no salt, no additives and now no plastic bottle. We think that’s worth raising a glass to. 

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