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about prunes

First things first...
What exactly is a prune?

Apart from being a pint-sized nutritional power-house, of course!

Prunes are dried plums.  

Sunsweet prunes are made from plums that are ripened on the tree, by the Californian sun.  The plums are harvested at the absolute peak of deliciousness, washed, then quickly and carefully oven-dried. This special handling ensures that the fruit’s natural goodness and taste is retained.  Then, just before packing, the prunes are rehydrated and the result is simply delicious!

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The low down on Prunes
Why prunes are good for you

Our diet has an enormous impact on both our physical and our emotional wellbeing. And with conditions like diabetes and heart disease on the rise, a common-sense attitude towards healthy eating is more important than ever.

Californian prunes and their juice make a  valuable nutritious contribution to a healthy and balanced diet. Prunes are high in potassium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Sweet and super- tasty, prunes are high in fibre, virtually fat-free, contain only naturally occurring sugars and are an excellent source of nutrients like potassium, and vitamin K.

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Prunes and Digestion
Maintaining good digestive health

Maintaining good digestive health – whether you’re feeling stressed out or simply busy juggling the demands of everyday life – can be a challenge. Digestion is a sensitive physical process and, when compromised, can affect the whole body, causing unpleasant physical complaints like bloating and constipation. 

As you probably already know, it is a proven fact that prunes help maintain normal digestion when 100g of prunes are eaten daily. Prunes can be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

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Prunes in the Kitchen
Get Cooking with Prunes

Straight from the pack, prunes are a healthy, convenient and low fat snack. They are a surprisingly versatile cooking ingredient, too, making Californian prunes an essential addition to the store-cupboard. A flavoursome complement to dishes both savoury and sweet, prunes can add a nutritious boost to a variety of family meals.

Be inspired by traditional recipes – matching prunes with pork, for example – or get creative in the kitchen to concoct your own contemporary classics. Why not give smoothies, sorbets and even stir-fries a go? Yum!

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