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maintaining a healthy bowel

Maintaining a healthy bowel

Digestion can be a complicated business.

It’s a sensitive process that can all too easily be compromised by the physical and emotional challenges of contemporary living. Sluggish digestion can have an unwelcome impact on the entire body causing symptoms like bloating and constipation.  

Prunes and their juice have long been associated with good digestive health.  Now there are scientific findings to support this. Research has indicated that prunes should be considered as “a first line therapy” to maintain a healthy bowel. The research found that when 100g of prunes were eaten on a daily basis, they helped to support normal bowel function just as much as fibre supplements.

Our top four tips for good digestive health:

Eat more fibre: Adding plenty of fibre to the diet can be a great boost to digestive health. Fibre binds together undigested food and bacteria, making it easier to pass them from your body. Include lots of fresh  fruit and vegetables in your daily menu and don’t forget dried fruit such as prunes.

Keep hydrated: Dehydration can contribute to a whole host of physical symptoms - like headaches and tiredness – and constipation is a particularly unpleasant side effect. Water, herbal teas and fruit juices all count towards the daily recommendation of 8 glasses of fluid.

Move your body: Regular physical activity can provide your metabolism and your emotional well-being with a welcome boost. But did you know that exercise can help your digestive system to stay fit and healthy, too? To keep you motivated, choose an activity that you love and enlist a sporty friend as your fitness buddy.

Chill out: Stress is as bad for your body as it is for your head and can contribute to digestive issues. Have a few relaxation tools ready for when the emotional pressure starts to mount. Listening to calming music and chatting to a friend are excellent methods and very simple. But why not try incorporating deep breathing exercises into your daily routine, too? You’ll inhale more oxygen and that can help to speed up the digestive process.