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An unlikely store cupboard super-star: prunes!

Posted by Sunsweet - Thursday, November 03, 2016

Prunes can make a fruity and flavourful addition to a range of recipes, both sweet and savoury.  And prunes can be equally delicious enjoyed straight from the pack, as a healthy and convenient snack. As a store-cupboard staple – one that’s both tasty and nutritious - prunes punch way above their weight.

Whether you…

  • Are pregnant and trying to combat constipation and nausea, naturally 
  • Have a baby to whom you’re trying to introduce new flavours and textures 
  • Are attempting to feed - healthily - a houseful of constantly snacking kids 
  • Are relentlessly busy and looking for super-speedy, mid-week meal solutions but want to avoid fat-laden takeaways or nutrition-poor ready-meals 
  • Are retired and have the time – and the interest - to experiment with sophisticated dishes … 

Read on, get inspired and - next time you’re out shopping - grab yourself a couple of packs of prunes

Scrummy Snacks

When it comes to speedy snacks, there’s nothing quicker than grabbing a handful of super-sweet prunes to munch on - pureeing the fruit and spreading it on to warm toast makes for a slightly more substantial snack, Yum! But when you have a little more time, prunes have a delicious depth that can enhance a whole host of smoothie flavour combos. For dark berry fruitiness, whizz a handful of blueberries, blackberries, prunes and prune juice for a jewel-coloured treat. For dessert-flavoured yumminess, bananas, chocolate milk and prunes are sublime. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Did you know that just three prunes count for one of your 5-a-day fruit and veg portions?

Healthier Bakes

For home-baking, adding prunes to family favourites - like flapjacks and muffins – to up your fruit and veg intake and to boost nutrition is pretty straightforward. But did you know that prune puree can be used as a replacement for butter, too? The fruit’s rich flavour - with its notes of caramel and vanilla - lends itself particularly well to chocolate recipes. Just swap the butter for prune puree - weight for weight - and enjoy! 

Mealtime Magic

And at mealtimes, whether you’re looking for a super-quick snack, an elaborate feast, or something in-between, prunes make a good starting point. They can add depth to the flavour of soups, interest to the texture of salads, and their rich, dark colour adds a wonderful contrast in stir fries. They make a fruity addition to a range of meat dishes, too, their flavour working particularly well with pork and game. And if you’re feeling just a little naughty? Check out our wonderfully indulgent choccy recipes.

Feeling inspired? Check out our guide to cooking with prunes and download our smoothie recipes booklet and breathe some delicious new life into your repertoire of recipes.

A note on nutrition

Dried fruits do have some nutrition benefits, compared with their fresh counterparts, not least that their goodness is condensed into a tiny package! A report from the European Food Information Council found that dried fruits, including prunes, contain high amounts of beta carotene, vitamin E, niacin, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Dried fruits are a good source of fibre too, essential for a healthily functioning digestive system. Dried fruit trumps fresh when it comes to convenience, too. Sunsweet prunes will last for 18 months from their date of production. And with no need for refrigeration, they’re so portable, making them perfect for munching on-the-go.

So don’t forget to add convenient, versatile, natural – and most importantly, delicious - prunes to your shopping list.

They really do deserve a starring role!

Please Note: Prunes are good for digestion and help keep you regular, when 100g are eaten as part of a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Always consult a GP if you have any health concerns.