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Rediscovering the joys of festive entertaining

Posted by Sunsweet - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Why not see if you can make this Christmas the one where you actually get to enjoy your festive entertaining with family and friends? We’ll let you into a little secret... With a trick or two up your sleeve – and just a little help from Sunsweet - it might just be possible!

Christmas. A time of wall-to-wall joy and gratitude and good will to all men. Hmmm. According to stats reported in Psychology Today, a sense of dread and even depression can be more prevalent during the festive season. The reasons behind seasonal doom and gloom can be myriad. Things like Seasonal Affective Disorder. Feeling under pressure – from an emotional point of view – to have everything just-so. Financial strain. The prospect of yet another commercially-focused Christmas that’s going to leave us feeling like we have lost sight of its true meaning…

If you’re feeling really down, it’s certainly worth chatting things over with a health-care professional. But if yours is more a case of seasonal overwhelm, then read on. The stresses and strains of the season – especially when it comes to entertaining - can be alleviated by having a trick or two up your sleeve and with just a little forward planning. It is the season to be jolly, after all!

Expect the unexpected

Make friends with advance preparation over the Christmas period. Rustle up soups and stews in large batches, ahead of time, but then freeze them as individual portions. Then, if you have unexpected lunch or supper guests, you can simply defrost as many portions as you need. You’ll have a hot meal ready in super-quick time and with precisely zero fuss. Leaving you free to enjoy the company of your impromptu guests. Because life’s too short to spend it hidden away in the kitchen when there’s fun to be had!

Store-cupboard super-stars

A well-stocked fridge and a carefully-planned store-cupboard can also be useful allies in the battle against seasonal stress. Most of us usually have plenty of staple ingredients like bacon, cheese, dried fruit and nuts in the house. In little more than the time it takes to warm through some mulled wine, bacon - of any sort - and a packet of prunes can be transformed into Devils on Horseback. And if you have even less time – or you’re short of space in the oven - how about this no-cook variation? Slice prunes lengthwise and fill them with soft cheese – a combination of goats’ cheese and gorgonzola works really well - and add a walnut. Wrap the stuffed prunes with prosciutto, secure them with a cocktail stick, pile onto a pretty serving dish and enjoy!

Be inspired!

Whether it’s a fun family get together or something more formal, our “Let’s Party!” guide is super-inspiring. From indulgent baked cheeses to crisp, fresh salads. From flavourful savoury tarts to scrumptious chocolate mousses. Our ideas are both deceptively simple and downright delicious. A winning combination when it comes to festive entertaining! Lots of the recipes can be prepped beforehand and many of them can be eaten with the fingers – cutting down on the dreaded washing-up!

What better way to spend a wintry evening than by gathering your friends and family around your fireside and serving them a festive feast? Follow our tips and maybe – just maybe – you’ll get to enjoy the party, too!

Please Note: Prunes are good for digestion and help keep you regular, when 100g are eaten as part of a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Always consult a GP if you have any health concerns.