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Step into Spring! And be inspired by our article to breathe new life into that fitness regime.

Posted Wed, Apr 08, 15 by Sunsweet

According to a recent YouGov study, our resolutions are usually focused on exercise, weight and health. Other health related issues, like giving up smoking and cutting back on alcohol consumption, are the next most popular resolutions. And resolutions of a more altruistic nature - spending more time with the family, undertaking charity work – are a little further down the list. All good stuff. But how do you keep yourself motivated and ensure that you meet your very worthwhile goals?

1) Be clear, be realistic and be good to yourself

It’s important to be really clear about what you want to achieve. “Getting Healthy”, for example, is probably too vague to be meaningful. Think about what “healthy” actually means to you; is it about fitness, weight, energy, mood… Once you've decided on a long-term goal - a vision - it’s useful to set yourself a series of smaller milestones, too. These need to be actionable and achievable. And – when you've ticked them off – their accomplishment is a fabulous excuse for a mini celebration, along the way! If you haven’t exercised for years, for example, simply being active every day - for 30 days – is far more realistic than signing yourself up for a half-marathon. Check out this TED talk, for inspiration: 

2) Get support

When our resolve is flagging or when we face unforeseen hurdles in the meeting of our goals, it can be helpful to have somebody on our side, cheering us on from the side-lines. Identify other people who can help you to keep on track. This could be a supportive friend, an online group or even something like The Sunsweet 14-Day Challenge.

3) Use your technology

Don’t forget that technology can be an ally, too. You could create a simple spread sheet that helps you to keep track of your training progress, for example. You could create some homemade posters – with inspirational quotations and images - that you can distribute throughout your home and office, to help to keep you motivated. And whether your New Year’s resolution is to have a change of career (Jobcentreplus), to stop smoking (Cessation Nation) or to put an end to aimless net surfing (Self Control), as the saying goes, there’s an app for that!  

4) Boost your energy

New regimes can be tiring, both emotionally and physically. Prunes are a source of vitamin B6, which can help you to feel less tired. And vitamin B6 – along with copper and manganese, of which prunes are also a source – supports the normal release of energy from foods.  So grab yourself a handful of prunes. A sweet and tasty way to top up those energy levels!