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Chocolate, fruit and nut lollipops



100 g marzipan paste
50 g toasted and ground almonds
40-50 g chopped walnuts
25 g chopped green pistachios
1 tbsp orange liqueur
Grated zest of ½ organic orange
24 SUNSWEET prunes
200-300 g dark or milk couverture chocolate

24 lollipop sticks
A high jar filled with sugar
Zest from the remaining ½ orange


  1. Knead the marzipan, almonds, 30 g of the walnuts, half the pistachios, orange liqueur and orange zest in a mixing bowl. Divide the mixture into 24 portions (8 g each) and form into balls.
  2. With your fingers, carefully prise the prunes open a little in the middle. Press the orange and marzipan balls into the hollow of each prune so that about half of each ball is enclosed in the prunes. Place the balls on a plate with the marzipan side upwards.
  3. Coarsely chop the couverture chocolate. Melt approx. 40 g of the chocolate according to package instructions. Dip the sticks one after the other about 1.5 deep into the chocolate and then insert into the stuffed prunes in the marzipan-filled side so that the sticks point upwards. Allow to stand for about 30 minutes until the chocolate is set and the sticks are firmly anchored in the balls. 
  4. Melt the remaining couverture chocolate as before. Coat the prunes one after the other with melted chocolate and insert them, stick downwards, into a high container filled with sugar. As soon as the chocolate starts to set, sprinkle the lollipops with the remaining pistachios and walnuts. Garnish with orange zest. Allow to set completely and serve.

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Canapes and Savoury Snacks, Desserts and Sweet Treats

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Vegetarian/Meatless,Under 500 calories

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