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Hazelnut-Nougat Spread with Prunes



125 g SUNSWEET prunes
50 g roasted and ground hazelnuts
2 level tablespoons of cocoa powder (10 g)
1 small pinch of salt
Seeds of ½ vanilla pod or ¼ teaspoon ground vanilla

If desired:
20-30 g soft margarine (alternatively: butter)
1 tbsp. of maple syrup, liquid honey or agave syrup

1 screw-top glass jar (220-250 ml)


  1. Mix the prunes with 4 tablespoons (40 ml) of water in a mixing bowl and leave for 30 minutes before blending finely.
  2. Thoroughly mix the hazelnuts, cocoa, salt and vanilla. Stir the prune purée into the mixture. If required, for a smoother consistency stir in the margarine and for a sweeter taste stir in maple syrup, honey or agave syrup. Serve immediately as a spread for bread or fill into a screw-top glass jar and store in a cool place.

Tip: when stored in a cool place, the spread will keep for at least 7 days. Before serving, it is recommended to leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes so that it spreads easily.

Alternatively: ground Ceylon cinnamon can be used instead of vanilla.

Serving suggestion: spread on wholemeal toast - a serving size of 10-15 g is enough for 16-20 slices of toast.

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Breakfast, Desserts and Sweet Treats

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