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Our bones are important!

Sunsweet are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) to promote World Osteoporosis day. If you, or someone you know, have ever broken a bone you know how painful and down-right inconvenient it can be. Osteoporosis, which literally means porous bone, is a disease that often leads to fractured and broken bones.

To help our readers learn more about Bone Health and prunes, below are resources from the IOF, as well as some information of our own. 

Bone Health Library ...
Bone Strength, Health Diet and Fact sheets

Bone health has a real impact on your well-being throughout life, but did you know that our bones need our help! 

Whatever your life stage, check out our dedicated Bone Health Library. It's filled with bone health and prunes related informative white papers and brochures from Sunsweet and the IOF  ... and give your bones the love, and help, they deserve!

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Prunes and Bone Health

Bone and teeth enamel are the hardest substances in the body, so what is available to keep them healthy and strong? Many people look after their teeth by brushing daily, but what about our bones? When thinking about improving your bone health your first thought probably isn’t to reach for prunes. However research is suggesting that prunes could in fact be beneficial for bone health, due to the nutrients they provide.

This in-depth article provides compelling information about prunes and bone health in general.

you are what you eat
Recipes for Bone Health

Research suggests that the nutrients in prunes help maintain normal bone health – prunes are a source of vitamin K and manganese, two of the nutrients that help maintain normal bones. 

We have collected a selection of delicious Bone Friendly recipes for your enjoyment. Eaten as part as part of a balanced and varied diet and active lifestyle, they can help power you from the time you wake up, right through the afternoon slump or even be the star of a party! 

Registered Dietitian and prune admirer Dawn Jackson Blatner developed some of these recipes with simplicity and taste in mind.

all you wanted to know about prunes & juice
Health & Nutrition Facts

People are often curious about the health and nutrition benefits of prunes and prune juice.   To  answer all your questions we have put together a Section on the website that discusses why prunes are good for you.  Alternatively click on one of the links below to go directly to the relevant facts page.

Prune Health Facts

Prune Nutrition Facts

Prune Juice Health Facts

Prune Juice Nutrition Facts

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