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1L - One Litre
Prune Juice

Start every day the healthy way! SUNSWEET juices are sweet, smooth and so delicious.
Made from plump, juicy prunes grown in the Central Valley of California, our juice is easy on the palate...

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500g Ready to Eat
Pitted Prunes

It's with pride and a commitment to quality that Sunsweet Growers has brought you succulent California prunes for almost 100 years. Naturally sweet and tender, our select prunes are packed with flavour, and a perfect food for your active lifestyle.

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200g Ready to Eat
Pitted Prunes

Natural, nutritious and available in a convenient pouch.

Sunsweet prunes are sun-ripened, carefully harvested to retain their ideal plumpness and chalk full of fiber and other nutrients. Bite-sized and ideal for a snack or used in baking to add a bit of sweetness or moisture to any dish.

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