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Sunsweet is an agricultural cooperative

Sunsweet Prunes

1L - One Litre
Prune Juice

Prune juice has a velvety, rich, some say chocolaty taste, but rest assured, Sunsweet prune juice is naturally fat, saturated fat and salt-free, so the flavour is coming just from the sun-ripened, carefully selected prunes that go to make up this fabulous drink.

Nutritional Information

Nutrition (typical values per 100ml)
Energy 267kJ / 63kcal
Fat 0g
  of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 16g
  of which sugars 10g
  of which polyols 4.7g
Fibre 1.5g
Protein 0.7g
Salt 0g
Potassium 250mg (12.5% RI* per 100ml)
RI* = Reference Intake. 


Californian Prune Juice. 100% water extracted Californian prune juice made from concentrate.

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[" Asda"," Booths"," Booker Cash \u0026 Carry"," CLF Distribution"," Goodness Foods","Holland \u0026 Barrett"," Hider"," Nisa"," Musgraves Budgens-Londis"," Palmer \u0026 Harvey"," Petty Wood"," Tesco"," The Health Store"," Waitrose","WM Morrisson Supermarkets PLC","\u0026nbsp;Asda","\u0026nbsp;Booths","\u0026nbsp;Booker Cash \u0026amp; Carry","\u0026nbsp;CLF Distribution","\u0026nbsp;Goodness Foods","Holland \u0026amp; Barrett","\u0026nbsp;Hider","\u0026nbsp;Waitrose","\u0026nbsp;Tesco","\u0026nbsp;Petty Wood","\u0026nbsp;Palmer \u0026amp; Harvey","\u0026nbsp;Musgraves Budgens-Londis","Sunsweet products are sold in major supermarket chains and specialist shops around the Republic of Ireland","Asda","Booths","Booker Cash \u0026 Carry","CLF Distribution","Goodness Foods","Hider","Nisa","Musgraves","Budgens-Londis","Palmer \u0026 Harvey","Petty Wood","Tesco","The Health Store","Waitrose"]