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may 2018 newsletter

What’s the Skinny? Are Crash Diets a No?

Sunsweet January 2018 Newsletter
Hi Sunsweet Fan,

Here's our monthly round up of top tips on what you care about most: Tasty Recipes, Nutrition and Living Healthily.
Are You Beach Body Ready?
Beach body ready. It’s a phrase that can strike fear into the hearts of the best of us! So, what’s the skinny? Are crash diets a no-no? The jury may still be out on crash diets. So is there a less drastic and more long-term approach that we can take?
Prune-Power in a Glass! You can Never have too Many Scrummy Smoothie Recipes
Combining avocado, apple and spinach leaves and flavoured with honey, lemon, ginger and super-sweet prune juice this is a smoothie that packs a powerfully nutritious punch. And it’s an easy way to get lots of healthy fruit and veg into the family’s fussiest eaters!
Tackling Tummy Troubles while Travelling
Tummy troubles are no joke, especially when you’re travelling and especially when you have small kids in tow. But are digestive complaints - like constipation – just “one of those things” when the family is on the move or are there some simple steps that you can take to nip any potential problems in the bud?
A Treat for the Tum and the Eyes. Our Fruity Pilaf with Prunes and Chicken Skewers is Deceptively Simple to Make, too!
Coming up with ideas for mid-week meals can be tricky and that’s where dishes like our Fruity Pilaf with Prunes and Chicken Skewers really come into their own. Quick to make, pretty to look at and super tasty, it’s sure to be loved by the whole family!
All foods mentioned in this article are beneficial as a part of balanced diet.
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