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Sunsweet January 2018 Newsletter
Hi Sunsweet Fan,

Here's our monthly round up of top tips on what you care about most: Tasty Recipes, Nutrition and Living Healthily.
Dietary Fibre 101

What exactly is fibre? Why does the body - every body - need it? What happens to our body if we don’t get enough of it? And how can we ensure that we keep getting plenty of it? Read on for everything you - and your family - need to know about dietary fibre.

Our Vanilla Mint Apples with Prunes make a Sweet and Scrummy Treat!
It can be nice to finish off a meal with something sweet. But, all too often, something sweet can mean lots of sugar, lots of fat and – unfortunately - lots of calories! Our Vanilla Mint Apples with Prunes are light, pretty and delicious and contain just 270 calories per serving.
Is Five-a-Day Still Enough? When it Comes to Fruit and Veg, more is Definitely More
With scientific studies now suggesting that five-a-day may no longer be enough, how can we ensure that our family are getting the fruit and veg that they need, for optimum health, while keeping things interesting – and tasty – at mealtimes?
A Great Way to get Fruit into Tiny Tums
It can be tricky, sometimes, tempting little ones to eat healthily. But our super scrummy smoothie recipe will entice even the faddiest of tots. Fresh and frozen fruit both work well to make this refreshing treat. Use your prettiest glasses and plenty of ice. Irresistible!
All foods mentioned in this article are beneficial as a part of balanced diet.
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