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Serve up Bone Strength - Patient Brochure

The International Osteoporosis Foundation have developed this excellent guide to maintaining bone health, and as a supporter of their work, we are able to share this with you directly via our website.

It explains in a step by step way how to select foods that will provide the key nutrients our bones need daily - calcium, vitamin D, protein and micronutrients such as vitamin K. You can take the IOF’s own One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test by following the link on page 17. Risk factors for osteoporosis are also explained.

With useful sections for different age groups, this easy-to–follow guide is a great place to start your family’s and your own bone-friendly lifestyle.

For further and more detailed information, Download the IOF Serve up Bone Strength patient brochure by clicking in Download button below.

In this guide you will learn about:

  • Setting the foundation for bone health throughout life
  • Bone-building tips for kids
  • Maintaining healthy bones as an adult
  • Nutrition in seniors: staying strong and mobile
  • Treatment for those at high risk