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april 2018 newsletter

Sunsweet January 2018 Newsletter
Hi Sunsweet Fan,

Here's our monthly round up of top tips on what you care about most: Tasty Recipes, Nutrition and Living Healthily.
Top Tips on Comfort Eating
So, what do you think…is it really possible to indulge yourself with tasty, comforting and warming food, without piling on the pounds? Or, come the summer, do you fully expect to be dieting? At Sunsweet, we believe that comfort does not necessarily have to mean calorific.
Granola Muesli Bars
There are times - throughout a busy week - when only a sweet treat will do. Packed full of nutritious goodies, like dried fruit and nuts, our Granola Muesli Bars are no ordinary sweet treat. With a cuppa or glass of milk, the bars are a scrummy pick-me-up. And they're perfect for breakfast on-the-run. Ring the changes - with different fruit and nut combos - to create firm, family favourites
Make Friends with Technology
In the last decade, our use of the internet has skyrocketed. It's been blamed for many things including our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. And yet it remains a significant part of our everyday lives despite all of the negative and downright fear-mongering headlines. But can technology actually have a role to play, in helping us to create balanced, happy and healthy lives?
Our Spicy Cranberry Prune Mocktail is a Delicious Drink with a Real Sense of Occasion!
The flavours of ginger and lime combine to add zing to this delicious mocktail. The whole family are sure to love this non-alcoholic Spicy Cranberry Prune Mocktail. It's a delicious drink with a real sense of occasion. Serve over ice, in your prettiest glasses, and let the good times roll!
All foods mentioned in this article are beneficial as a part of balanced diet.
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