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June 2018 Newsletter

Substantial side, just perfect for BBQs

Sunsweet January 2018 Newsletter
Hi Sunsweet Fan,

Here's our monthly round up of top tips on what you care about most: Tasty Recipes, Nutrition and Living Healthily.
Crunchy Asparagus Salad with Mozzarella
Every family should have a dish like this – that makes the most of scrummy, super fresh and seasonal veggies - in their recipe repertoire. Our Crunchy Asparagus Salad with Mozzarella makes for a fresh and tasty lunch or supper dish. It also makes a stunning and substantial side-dish that's just perfect for BBQs.
Summertime and the Living is Easy
Summer weekends are a brilliant opportunity for catching up and chilling out. There’s one very simple trick that you can have up your sleeve, to ensure that you have as much fun during your get-togethers as your guests: advance planning!
Creamy Vanilla Prune Popsicle
Scrummy ice cream and the warm summer sun: they really are a match made in heaven. But is it possible to enjoy healthier frozen treats – that are significantly lower in both sugar and fat – without compromising on taste? We think so! Say “hello sunshine” to our Creamy Vanilla Prune Popsicles.
Don’t let your Travels Upset your Tum!
With holiday season well under way, we’ve all heard our fair share of anecdotes about travellers’ tummy troubles. Each of them more “TMI” than the last. But did you know that, by following just a few simple steps, it’s possible to dramatically improve the chances of you – and your family - maintaining good digestive health while travelling?
All foods mentioned in this article are beneficial as a part of balanced diet.
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