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Sunsweet Prunes

What makes prune juice different to many other juices?

It is a source of dietary fibre.  Very few pure fruit juices can boast providing dietary fibre in any useful amounts because it is generally removed in the juice making process.  

Prunes contain soluble and insoluble fibre, and although the majority of the insoluble fibre is removed when prune juice is made, the soluble fibre remains. 

In addition to fibre, Sunsweet prune juice also contains sorbitol, a polyol and carbohydrate. Sorbitol acts a little bit like a sponge, it attracts and holds water and not all of the sorbitol is digested which is why it is so useful! Additionally, unlike many sweet tasting fruit juice drinks, Sunsweet prune juice does NOT contain any added sugar whatsoever.   

Sunsweet prune juice is made only from carefully selected Sunsweet prunes so that just the right level of sweetness is achieved from the fruit itself.  The naturally occurring sugars in prune juice are mainly fructose and glucose, with minimal sucrose and nothing else, just water, no added preservatives, acidity regulators, colourings or flavourings. 

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