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Should I be concerned about the sugar in prunes?

Prunes are simply dried plums.  One plum becomes one prune, with the water removed, so the calorie content remains the same. They contain the same natural fructose, glucose and minimal sucrose sugar content as their fresh counterparts.  Having only low levels of sucrose is a bonus because sucrose is the fruit sugar that bacteria utilise to produce harmful acids and dental plaque.  Additionally, you often see sorbitol as an active anti-plaque ingredient in chewing gum.  Of course prunes contain sorbitol naturally. Prunes are whole fruit so can contribute usefully to achieving 5-a-day, as well as towards daily fibre intake, and so make a useful contribution to a healthy, balanced diet. Recent research is also indicating that prunes do not negatively effect weight when consumed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. As with all fruit, prunes appear to help feelings of fullness which is an important factor in controlling overeating and making healthy choices.

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