How to ensure your child is "regular"?

You can soften your child's stools by making sure he drinks plenty of liquids and for example, giving him some prune juice. Exercise and frequent servings of whole wheat bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, popcorn (for older children) and other high-fibre foods will help as well.

However a change to a higher fibre diet is easier “said than done” especially if the child is at that age!  

Here are some tips for converting your child to a high-fibre diet:

  • Start the day with a wholegrain cereal or porridge for breakfast. Add some prunes to the porridge to make it taste sweeter and it helps distract the child
  • Offer pieces of fresh fruit and dried fruit such as prunes or raisins for snacks. A Sunsweet Humzinger is conveniently packed for your child’s lunch box or keep them handy for snacks on the go!
  • Include vegetables and offer fruit with every meal.
  • Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluid, for example water or milk without added sugar, including a small glass of fruit juice once a day, such as prune juice.
  • Encourage the whole family to set an example by enjoying plenty of fruit and vegetables with meals and eating wholegrain breads wholegrain rolls, wholemeal pitta bread.

Other tips that help prevent constipation in Children:

  • Try and get children into a regular toilet habit. After breakfast, before school or childcare, is often best. Try and allow plenty of time so they don't feel rushed.
  • Some kind of small reward is sometimes useful in younger children prone to 'holding on' to stools. For example, a little treat or just some praise after each successful toilet trip. However, try not to make a fuss over the toilet issue. The aim is to be 'matter of fact' and relaxed about it.

Prune Juice can help you go!

Prune Juice contains no added sugar, just naturally occurring sugars. One of these simple sugars, sorbitol helps draw fluids into the intestine. A diet high in fiber and fluids which include prune juice will give your child the urge to go to the bathroom, so encourage and praise this good habit!

How much Prune Juice should I give my Child?

Every child is different and because of this serving sizes will vary according to how it effects them. However as a general guide we would recommend giving children a 75ml serving size.

For babies over six months we would recommend some prune juice mixed with 30-60ml of water.

You should always consult with a GP if your child displays any symptoms of chronic irregularity or other health concerns.

If you have any concerns about your child’s diet, talk to your health visitor or GP practice for professional advice, and visit:

Learning about constipation in Children